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Khorfakkan, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Khorfakkan: An Idyllic Retreat

The blue water of the Arabian Sea, the magnificent underwater life and corals make Khorfakkan breathtaking irresistible.Sharjah East Coast,which runs along the Gulf of Oman,isscenically the most beautiful area of the whole country. The spectacular rugged Hajar mountains rising in place to 1,000 meters,crisscrossed by deep wadis,with gravel beds and rich soil,adds to its magnificence.

The beautiful, sun soaked sandy beaches and the clear blue sea of the Gulf of Oman make this coast a haven for diving, fishing or just relaxing.Sharjah has three provinces on this coast - Dibba Al Hisn,Khorfakkan and Kalba - besides the islands of Abu Mousa and Sir Abu Nu'air.

Khorfakkan is the emirates main town on the East Coast.The blue waters of Arabian sea, the magnificent underwater life and corals make this town breathtakingly irresistible. Khorfakkan can be covered in a day,or you can spend a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of city life.The town is some 137 kilometers from Sharjah and can be reached in about two hours.As you apprroach the tip of a hill the fabulous natural Bay of khorfakkan welcomes you with the Sharque Land and Port Khorfakkan rising out of the sea in the background. The town has flourished around the bay with the container terminal fuelling its economy.

The Oceanic hotel One of the most popular hotels on the East Coast for weekend breaks,and the ruler of Sharjah's palace,resting high up on the hilltop, beckons the visitors.The Central Souk,Al Marjan Diving Centre,Corniche park and ladies park are all located along the pictureque Corniche.Adjacent to the beach are grass and shaded seating area.The town has several supermarkets,an Arabic restaurant,a few fast food outlets and a pharmacy.

The Rifaisa Dam is located a few kilometers up in the mountains behind the khorfakkan town.Access to the dam is through a gravel track off the ring road.As you drive up to the dam,you can see the remains of stone houses built in the wadis.There is a track to walk along that takes you from one side of the dam to the other.

The Khorfakkan waters are full of fish.Kingfish, tuna, barracuda,red snapper,hamour,and even sharks are found in abundance.Fishing enthusiasts can just pick their spot and wait patiently for the nibble.The warm and shallow waters of Khorfakkan,around the Sharque Island and Snoopy Island' opposite the Sandy Beach Motel provide excellent opportunities for snorkeling.

Due to the variety of marine and coral life,found in warm and relatively unpolluted waters of the East Coast,diving is very popular sport here.Khorfakkan is also an ideal spot like water skiing,which depends very much on the weather,and windsurfing.

Oceanic Hotels:The Oceanic Hotel is a four star beach resort that nestles in the shadows of the majestic Hajjar Mountains facing the Indian Ocean.It is a deluxe hotel with 162 rooms and luxtury suites.

At Oceanic,we take care of everything to make the stay of our guests a comfortable and memorable one," says Ahmed Hussain Al Dous,Sales Exectuive.Almost every room and suite offers a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean."

Oceanic's Al Gargour rooftop restaurant offers the scienic view of the Indian Ocean and the Hajjor mountains surrounding the Khorfakkan bay. "Hotel has special theme nights on weeekends and Friday family buffet luncheon with live entertainment,"say Ahmed.

Al Murjan Restaurant,with a grand view of the pool and beach,serves international cuisine and is open for breakfast,lunch and dinner. Cafe' Oceanic serves,fruit juices,cocktails,ice creams,coffee.tea and a choice of french pastries,Arabic sweets and cakes.

The hotel's beach restaurant serves snacks and refreshing drinks.In addation,the hotel has a well-equipped banquet hall for conference,meeting and wedding parties.

Oceanic hotels offers a full range of water sports, including windsurfing, water skiig; banana boat rides; boat cruises,catamaran sailing and snorkeling trips to Coral Iland. The hotel is renowned both for its diving facilities and for the nearby Indian Ocean coral reefs.Its professionally equipped padi diving center supplies all the needs to beginners and experts.

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