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Satun is located on South of Thailand which is a small coastal province facing the Indian Ocean.  On the west coast of the peninsula, Satun province borders the Andaman Sea.  80 percent of the population is Muslim and a pork dish is hardly available.  Satun is located 973 kms. from Bangkok and occupies an area of 2,478 square kilometres, surrounded by Songkhla and Trang as well as the Malaysian state of Perlis.  Most of the area is mountainous having the basin along the coast, and there are more than 60 offshore islands.  Satun is advministratively divided into 6 districts and 1 sub-district : Amphoe Muang Satun, Amphoe Khuan Don, Amphoe Tha Phae, Amphoe Khuan Ka long, Amphoe Langu, Amphoe Thung Wa, and King Amphoe Manang.


Tarutao National Park.  Thailand's first national marine park established in 1974 consists of some 50 islands to the west of Satun.  A wealth of marine life is to be found around the cluster of 51 islands.  On the islands are largely untouched forests which provide a habitat for wild boars, macaques, langurs, mouse deer and numerous bird species.  Boats to Tarutao leave from Pak Bara, 60 kms (37 miles) north of Satun town.  The timetable is  10:30 am and 14:00 pm.

Depart from Pak Bara Pier - Tarutao :  Tuesday, Thrusday and Saturday
Depart from Tarutao - Pak Bara Pier : Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
Duration : 1:45 hours

Major attractions in the park are as follows:

    Ko Tarutao, the biggest island in the park where the park office is situated, used to be a prison for long-term punishment and political prisoners.  The island contains several bays including Ao Phante Malaka with a hilltop viewpoint; Ao Mo Lae and Ao Son.  The ruined prisons are found at Ao Talo Udang and Ao Talowao.

    Ko Adang and Ko Rawi situated 40 kms. West of Ko Tarutao are famous for beautiful beaches.  There are several neighbouring islands such as
Ko Li Pe
where a sea gypsy village and coral reefs can be seen,
Ko Hin Ngam
which is full of shiny black pebbles along its beaches, and
Ko Khai
, a small island with a natural stone arch.

    Fasinating diving areas abound around Laem Chaban, Ko Khai and Ko Hin Ngam.  Boats depart from Pak BAra Pier (60 kms. northwest of Satun) to Ko Tarutao daily during November to May.  Contact the national park office (Tel. (074) 729002) in advance for accommodation on Ko Tarutao and Ko Adang.

    Mu Ko Petra National Park.  The park is in the areas of two provinces: Satun and Trang.  It consists of a long coasline from Amphoe Langu to Amphoe Thung Wa and several offshore islands such as Ko Phetra, Ko Khao Yai, Ko Lalobaentae, Ko Lidi, Ko Bulon, Ko Laoliang, and Ko Perama.  Boats to these islands are available from the Pak Bara Pier.  Accomodaiton is available at the park office (3 kms. before Pak Bara) and on Ko Lidi.  Private run bungalows is abailable on Ko Bulon.

    Thale Ban National Park.  This is located in the area of Amphoe Muang and Amphoe Khun Don, having an outlook as a picturesque lagoon surrounded by high mountains.  Attractions in the park include Namtok Rani, a small waterfall near the park office: Namtok Yaroi, a medium-size waterfall located 7 kms. from Namtok Yaroi; Tham Lot Puyu, a aquatic grotto which can be reached by boat from Tammalang Pierm, 9 kms. from town, and the Thai-Malaysian Border, only 2 Kms. from the office of the park.

    To get to the national park, drive along Highway No. 406  from town for 19 kms. and turn right to Route No. 4184 for another 20 kms. Accomodation is available.

    Namtok Panan.  This waterfall in the area of Tambon Thung Nui, Amphoe Khuan Ka Long, consists of 10 levels and is surrounded by a pleasant forested area.


By road

From Bangkok use route 35, pass the parallel spans of Sumutsakorn province and Petchkasem Rd., turn left to Wang Manow and straight ahead to Chumphon on route 41.  Then, follow route 41 till pass the parallel spans of Ratthaphoon and Songkla provinces and turn right to route 406 to go to Satun province.  The total distance is about 973n kms. (Rattanaphoon - Satun : 75 kms) or 
(Trang - Paliang - Langu - Satun : 145 kms). Travel time is about 8 - 10 hours.

By Train

Train Fare (Bangkok - Hat Yai) is about Baht 745 per person (one way) which is operated daily, then take the buses (Air - conditioned bus, Non Air-conditioned bus) to Satun province.

By Bus
Type of buses
Bangkok - Satun
Satun - Bangkok
Air-conditioned bus
VIP bus
Non Air-conditional bus
The above informations would be changed without notice. Please check at Sothern Bus Terminal. Duration : 12 - 14 hours approximately

Sothern Bus Terminal : Tel : (662) 4351199, 4347191
Main Train Station (Hua Lum Phong) : Tel : (662) 2237010, 2237020, 2237461

By Air

There is no airport at Satun province, however, the passengers can fly to Trang or Hat Yai and then take the bus to Satun province. Please click more flight details here

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