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Disco is a genre of music that originated in discothèques. Generally the term refers to a specific style of music that has influences from funk, soul music, and salsa and the Latin or Hispanic musics which influenced salsa.

Elements of disco music appear on records from the early 1970s such as the 1971 theme from the film Shaft by Isaac Hayes (Jones and Kantonen, 1999). In general it can be said that first disco songs were released in 1973, however many consider Manu Dibango's 1972 Soul Makossa the first disco record (Jones and Kantonen, 1999). Initially, most disco songs catered to a nightclub/dancing audience only, rather than general audiences such as radio listeners, but there are many aspects proving opposite tendencies as well; popular radio-hits were being played in discothèques, as long as they had an easy to follow rhythmic base-pattern close to 120 BPM (beats per minute). Most 70's Disco genre songs had a distinctive four/four bass beat.


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