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Even when Air Philippines was still a dream, founder William Gatchalian envisioned an airline priced for the people yet providing world class service. Four years and over one million passengers later, Air Philippines is proud of its position as the countries second largest airline - and the fastest growing. Serving 18 destinations with over 60 flights daily from Manila to key cities throughout the Philippines, Air Philippines has now set its sights on the World. Recent approvals for flights to Hong Kong, Taiwan and the USA from Manila and Cebu have given Air Philippines the opportunity to continue their rapid growth.

At Air Philippines, no matter how fast we grow, exceeding our passengers expectations is not a goal - it is a standard. To accomplish this we pay special attention to the areas that most often concern our customers;

  • Safety
  • Affordability
  • Accessibility

We have committed ourselves to achieving exciting goals in all of these areas before the millennium.


Air Philippines aircraft are maintained to meet and exceed and Philippine ATO and US FAA requirements. Maintenance teams experienced in commercial aircraft operate through the night to carefully inspect each plane. Every morning each plane passes yet another thorough inspection by both the maintenance and flight crews prior to dispatch.

Scheduled Maintenance Checks on the aircraft are performed in California in accordance with guidelines provided by Boeing and the US FAA. After the maintenance, the Aircraft are carefully inspected the Philippines ATO before returning to service.

Air Philippines flight crews are all trained to International levels at a Flight Training Academy in the USA. In addition to their lengthy initial training, pilots return to the Academy for annual "recurrent" training where they learn the most modern techniques available to ensure their passengers safety.

To further ensure the safety of the traveling public, Air Philippines invests millions of pesos annually on training their over 700 employees according to clearly defined company procedures.

Affordability and Accessibility:

Through our new on-line ticketing feature we hope to combine the solution to these two passenger concerns into one simple package.

Soon, Air Philippines customers can expect to instantly confirm their seats on-line from any Internet terminal in the world. Additionally, special frequent flyer programs and Special Offers will be introduced shortly ensuring Air Philippines position as the Philippines' Favorite Airline.

We hope you enjoy our new programs and welcome your suggestions regarding our service. Even more, we look forward to having the opportunity to serve you in the skies over the Philippines. Mabuhay!


Built by the Nihon Aeroplane Mfg. Co. (NAMC), the YS-11 is a Twin Turbo-Prop Aircraft propelled by Water Methanol injected Rolls Royce Engines. They provide comfortable, reliable service into airstrips too short or rugged to be accessible by larger aircraft.

BOEING 737-200

Air Philippines currently operates 12 Boeing 737-200 Aircraft on domestic routes. From the very beginning, Air Philippines has operated 737's, after all, it is the best selling commercial jetliner of all times.

Air Philippines Founding Fathers knew they needed a reliable, proven aircraft to form the "backbone" of their important domestic service. After learning of the over 250 different Airlines in 95 different countries that have ordered the over 4,000 Boeing 737's, they made the obvious choice.

Here are some interesting "737" facts:

  • There are over 700 Boeing 737's in the air at all times!
  • The 737 fleet has carried approximately 4.3 billion passengers, equal to more than one half of the worlds population.
  • In 27 years of operation, the 737 fleet has flown more than 26.6 billion miles - approximately 130 round trips from the earth to the sun.
  • The current-generation 737 is the most reliable jet airplane in commercial aviation today, with a dispatch reliability of 99.4% (12 month average through 31 March, 1996).
  • There are approximately 40.5 miles (67.5 km) of wire in a 737-300. Over 1200 companies supply the approximate 1 million individual parts in each 737.

Air Philippines 737-200's can fly non-stop 2,880 statute miles with a full passenger payload. That's about 4 hours, non-stop at a cruise speed of 575 mph. They are self-sufficient airplanes, and can serve remote airfields without the need for support equipment such as jet-ways, electric power units and baggage conveyors. All Air Philippines 737's are equipped with advanced avionics and an automatic flight control system. Together, they not only provide pilots with more flight information, but also, through automatic functions, reduce fuel burn by more efficient management of the plane's throttle and flight direction, a benefit to both the airline and the environment. The upgraded avionics in all Air Philippines' planes also provide for safe landings under adverse weather conditions.

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