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province covers some 10,584.5 Theriverside provincial capital is 377 km. North of Bangkok. Phitsanulok is situated on thegeographical and administrative line uniting the central and northern regions.

     Phitsanulok was the birthplace of King Naresuan the Great of Ayuthaya (reign : 1590 - 1605), and his brother Prince Ekathosarot. Phitsanulok has long been an important center for political and strategic reasons. Phitsanulok was a major center of recruitment when Ayuthaya waged war with Burma, and was the capital of Thailand for 25 years during the 1448-1488 reign of Ayuthaya?s King Boromtrailokanat

     The climate of Phitsanulok is generally hot and humid. It borders with Uttaradit in he North, Pichit in the south, Loei and Phetchabun in the East, Kamphaeng Phet and Sukhothai in the West. Covering an area of 10,815.8, the province is divided into 9 Amphoes

- Muang
- Bang Rakam
- Nakhon Thai
- Phrom Priram
- Wat Bot
- Bang Krathum
- Chat Trakan
- Noen Ma Prang
- Wang Thong

Thing to see & do

City Attraction
     Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat his monastery commonly called by the inhabitants as "Wat Yai" is the most important monastery of Phitsanulok, the home of the famous Phra Buddha Chinnarat. It is located at the foot of Naresuan Bridge on the city side of the river.The monastery was built in the reign of Phra Maha Thamma Racha I (Phraya Lithai) In 1357 A.D. It houses the Phra Buddha Chinnarat regarded as the most beautiful Buddha image in Thailand. It is cast in the attitude of subduing evil. Later, in 1631, King Ekatosarot graciously bestowed some of his gold regalia to be beaten into gold - plate and applied them to the image worth his own hands, creating its most beautiful Buddha image. There are many other beautiful and noteworthy items in the monastery compound. The mother - of - pearl inlaid wooden doors of Vihara are especially splendid, and were built by King Boromkot in 1756 as a dedication to phra Buddha Chinarat. Behind the Vihara, there is a large Prang 36 meters high, with a staircase leading up to the niche containing the Buddha relics. In front of the Prang, there is Phra Attharos, and on the 9 room Vihara slope. There remains only the newly-renovated Buddha image.

     Wat Ratchaburana nad Wat Nang Phya
Is located on the eastern bank of the Nan river, near Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat to the south. These two monasteries, assumed to be built when Phitsanulok City was ruled by King Boromtrailokanat, have linking compounds. Wat Nang Phya has temple or bot but it is known for the so-called "Phra Nang Phya" votive tablets special fine form of the 3-head nagas decorated on their eaves.

     Wat Chulamani The Prang, a corncob-shaped tower at Wat Chulamani is well-known and studied by students of archaeology and history. The wat is the oldest historical site in Phitsanulok. Of a highly individual style and pattern, it boasts extremely ornate and elaborate plaster design of immense interest and value found nowhere else in the Kingdom

     King Naresuan the Great Shrine The shrine is located in the compound of the Phitsanulok Phittayakom school, and depicts the seated king ceremoniously declaring Ayuthaya’s independence from Burma. The shrine was constructed on the site of the Channdra Palace where King Naresuan was born in 1555.


     Sergent- Major Dr. Thawi-Pim Buranakhet ' s Folklore Museum Located opposite the Buranathai Buddha Image foundry, Wisutkasat road, Amphoe Muang. This museum is well know for its collections of all folk-arts, crafts, basketry, pottery and ancient kitchen utensils. In addition to these, there also are instruments for agriculture occupation and household living displayed.

     Khun Kon Forest Park Waterfall Phitsanulok has other name so - called Song Kwae, Song Kwae means the town of two rivers. Nan River is the main and the most important river of the province. It is 127.5 kms long running across the province. Kwe Noi River, the name similar to that in Kanchanaburi in the West, also comes from the North and joins up with Nan River near the down town area. This joint river is the main artery that divides Phitsanulok into two parts, the East and the West Bank. As it is a main transportation route to the province, people gather together to stay on house boats and house rafts along both sides of the river.

Out of City Attraction
     Sakunothaya Arboretum This park is situated at km. 33 of the above highway where a right turn leads to the 500 meters access road.The park name was graciously bestowed by H.M. the king during his tour of the north in 1958. Within the park area, Wang Nok Aen Waterfall?, a 10 meters high waterfall, cascades among the rock to create a beautiful and scenic locale. The erosive action of the currents have stacked and shaped the stones in a most unique and uniform manner.
     Kaeng Song Waterfall This waterfall is situated on the road side at km.45 and is clearly visible from the road.

     Poi Waterfall A sign at km. 61 reads Suan pa Khao Krayang and introduces a 2-kilometre access road to Poi Waterfall, Which is distinguished by a copious flow and profuse rocky outcropping. Many species of flowering trees grace the area.

     Kaeng Sopha Waterfall A road at km 70 branches off some 2 km. Through forested beyond to Thung Salaeng Luang National Park office. The waterfall is Phisanuloks largest.

     Thung Salaeng Luang National Park The forested park covers more than 300,000 acres spreading across Phitsanulok and Phetchabun provinces. The park office is located at km.80 on the picturesque Phitsanulok - Lomsak Highway.
     Phuhinrongkla National Park This park of arresting scenic beauty spreads across parts of Phitsanulok, Phetchabun and Loei provinces. Major attractions include Lan Hin Taek natural reached by turning left at the km 68 marker onto the Phitsanuloe - Nakhon Thai road, traveling for 28 km. To Ban Nong Krathao where a right turn begin the final 31 km stage to the park office.

     Chat Trakan National Park This park, covering more than 60,000 acres, lies 135 km. From Phitsanulok provincial along the Phitsanulok- Lomsak highway until km.68, thence on highway 2013 and then to Amphoe Chat Takran. A seven tiered waterfall with in the park is the source of the Kwae Noi River which unites with the Nan River in the provincial capital.

Festivals & events

    The Phra Buddha Chinnarat Fair
February 2-8
Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat

The six-day fair occurs on the sixth day of he waxing moon of the third lunar month, usually late February, at Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat, and features homage-paying, folk entertainment and cultural performances.

     Boat Races
September 19-20

Nan River in front of Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat Maha Worawihan, Phitsanulok Long boat races are customarily staged during the first week-end of October on the Nan River fronting Wat Phra Si Rattana MahaThat.

TAT Northern Office : Region 3
209/7-8 Surasi Trade Center Boromtrilokanat Rd., Amphoe Muang Phitsanulok 65000
Tel : (055) 252742,252743
Fax : (055) 252742
Areas of Responsibility : Phitsanulok,Petchabun and Sukhothai

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