Veligandu Island Resort, Maldives

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Veligandu Island Resort

Veligandu Island Resort

If you are considering tanning seriously, consider Veligandu seriously. Veligandu in local language means a large stretch of sand, and this is virtually what the island is. A large L-shaped stretch of white sand that stretches out into the crystal clear aquamarine lagoon that surrounds this sandbank in the Indian Ocean. This is the stuff that a beachgoer's dreams are made of. Veligandu is an island of beauty with an easy-going and friendly atmosphere.

Whether you want to scuba dive, snorkel, partake in sports, or simply idle away time on the beautiful beach, you will find yourself enjoying the days immensely.

Veligandu is an island where you can truly let yourself go. Kick off your shoes, throw your inhibitions in the air, and concentrate on being yourself. In doing this you will be following traditions established by guests who visit the island year after year, unable to let go of the island once they discovered the immense charm and appeal that Veligandu holds