Felidhe Atoll (Dhaalu) Dive Sites

Dive Site Macro Spot
Type of dive : Easy - no current, A big giri
Depth Range : 3 - 12 metres
Location : 35 minutes from Vilu Reef Resort by dhoni
Special Feature : This site is somewhat a nursery - many babies and juveniles can be spotted here - octopuses, lobsters

Dive Site Kermitt Corner
Type of dive : Medium to advanced, Channel corner, Drift dive
Special Feature : Soft corals, eagle rays, most live corals in the region, white-tip sharks

Dive Site Thibisa Far Garden
Type of dive : Medium, Drift dive, Channel corner
Depth Range : 12 - 30 metres
Location : Madivaru Kandu
Special Feature : Napoleons, turtles, sharks in fact some of everything can be seen here.

Dive Site Velavaru Kandu
Type of dive : Advanced, Strong currents
Location : Dive starts at Kuda Giri, blue water for about 7 metres and then a huge wall - Velavaru Thila
Special Feature : Mantas, big tunas, grey reef sharks, big Napoleons and turtles.

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