Ari Atoll (Alifu) Dive Sites

Dive Site: Manta Point
A fantastic dive spot at the north west side of Ari Atoll. You will see Manta Rays, Napoleons and other big fish here.

Dive Site: Maga Thila
A breath taking coral garden starts at 3m. At the north side, the reef is one big overhang with lots of small canyons going through the reef. If you are lucky you can meet deep-sea fish, like the deep sea White Tip Shark, Sailfish and Dolphins. Recommended for beginners.

Dive Site: Maaya Thila
A small dive-spot, just 25 min away from the island with lots of fish and black corals. Here you can see Grey Reef Sharks, White Tip Reef Sharks, Batfish, Barracudas and Eagle Rays. Also you will find turtles and Sepias.

It is an easy dive spot. Recommended for beginners. The reef top is at 7m.

Dive Site: Fish Head (Mushimasmingili Thila)
A must for all divers as this is the most famous dive spot in the Maldives. Grey Reef Shark, big Napoleon fish and lot of small swarm fish will be seen here. It is a very small Thila and you can swim around in one dive.

The reef top starts at 10m and it falls down to 35m in a 75 degree angle with lots of caves and overhangs. Recommended for beginners.

Dive Site: Bodu Thin Thila
In a channel between two Farus in the south of Bathala there are three Thilas. This is the largest of these three Thilas. The corals, the Anemone garden, the cleaning station and also the formation and the great overhangs here makes the divers enthusiastic. Recommended for beginners.

Dive Site: Kandholhudhoo Thila
This reef is top secret. Diving instructors call this "Surprise Thila" This is a small reef with colorful soft corals and sponges. Stone Fish and Scorpion fish are more in number than corals. If you are lucky, a Manta or Dolphins will guide you under water. Turtle and Black-Coral-Trees are seen here. The reef top starts at 3m. Therefore you could relax at a safety spot after the dive and view the scenery. Recommended for beginners.

Dive Site: Ellaidhoo Thila
A wonderful reef in the middle of the channel, in front of Ellaidhoo. The formation of the reef is like a terrace, which falls down from 8m to 40m, with lots of overhangs and beautiful Gorgonias.

Sleeping Nurse Shark, Frogfish, Grey Reef Shark and Batfish are the attractions here. Recommended for beginners.

Dive Site: Bathala Maga Kan Thila
From the reef Bathala Maga Faru, comes out this Thila, long and narrow. Here you can see Napoleon, White Tip Shark, Eagle Ray, Grouper, lots of coral fish and if you are lucky even Mantas and Mobulas.

Dive Site: Bathala Thila
A small reef outside Bathala. Here you will not find big fish but you can see White Tip Shark, Eagle Ray and Snapper. The reef top starts at 10m and falls down in a 75 degree angle to 30m with small caves. On the beautiful reef top you can find Sleeping Nurse Shark and the largest Stonefish of the sea. Recommended for beginners.

Dive Site: Himandhoo Thila
A big Thila in a channel, at the West Side of Ari Atoll. Large overhangs with colorful soft corals. Unbelievable swarms of wimp fish, Sweet Lip and big fish are found here. During the winter season from December to April it becomes a Manta point. This Thila is one of the best dives spots at the West Side. Recommended for experienced divers due to strong current, sometimes.

Dive Site: Medhu Thin Thila
This is middle sized three Thilas and the formation of this surprises the divers. The reef top starts at 5m and falls down very steep to some caves where it is possible to dive through. Napoleon fish, Shark and Eagle Ray are not rare here. Also Electric Rays and Groupers are often seen. And sometimes Nurse Sharks too. Recommended for beginners.

Dive Site: Zauber Wreck
In 1984 a small, 13m Trawler was sunk. This wreck is of soft corals, especially the screw. The wreck is down at the sand bottom in 29m. Swarms of Batfish live in this wreck. And Sand Eels live around the wreck. It is easy to dive here therefore recommended for beginners.

Dive Site: Kuda Thin Thila
A wonderful dive spot formed by small 3 Thilas. The reef top starts at 5m and falls down very steep. Turtles, Napoleon fishes and Sharks are often met here. This reef is so small you can swim around 2-3 times in one dive. Recommended for beginners.

Dive Site: Kari Beiru Thila
This long reef is situated directly at the outside reef. One can dive only in the southern part. It promises always a fantastic dive with lots of fish and scenery. Napoleon fish and a tame Titan Triggers Fish as well as Sharks and swarms fish are seen here. Recommended for beginners.

Dive Site: Thuroka Thila
A nice, coral covered reef with lots of caves and overhangs where one can only dive at the south side. There is also a big chimney starting at 24m and coming up to 8m where you can dive through. Barracudas and Turtles are seen here. It is very easy to dive here but sometimes there might be strong current. Recommended for beginners.

Dive Site: Rochen Wreck
This is a 33m freighter sunk near Halaveli. It is lying at 28m on the sand bottom. In the middle there are two open doors through which you can dive inside the wreck. Stingrays are seen here and the divers could touch them. Murray and Groupers will make your dive unforgettable. Recommended for beginners.

Dive Site: Malhos Thila
The reef starts at 12m with big overhangs that fall down at 35m grown over with white blue soft corals. You will get the impression of being in an ice cave. Swarms of blue strip Snappers and Sweet Lips will make your dive unforgettable. Recommended only for experienced divers, as there might be strong current sometime.

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