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Resorts and live-aboards in the Maldives provide high quality and often the latest in diving equipment. All resort dive schools and live-aboard diving dhonis are equipped with compressors, tanks, regulators with octopus, BCDs, masks, fins and snorkels and other equipment such as dive computers, wetsuits, weights and weight belts. The equipment is well maintained and stringent safety checks are regularly made.

You may bring your own mask, fins and snorkel. If you wish to bring your own wetsuit a 3 mm full-length wetsuit or lycra suit is perfect for any time of the year. However some prefer a 5 mm wetsuit when doing more than one dive a day. Ocean temperatures rarely vary beyond 27 - 30 degrees Celsius. During hot periods water temperatures inside the lagoon increase measurably, and most divers are comfortable without a wetsuit during this period.

Note that under Maldivian diving laws all divers must have octopus regulators. Carry some spares just in case of a breakdown or shortage.

Majority of tourists reach Maldives with an intention to immerse themselves in spectacular scuba diving in Maldives. Over the years, Maldives has earned the reputation of finest water sports destination. Diving can only be enjoyed when you have latest and quality dive equipments. All the resorts and live-aboards in Maldives offer cutting edge and quality dive equipments to travelers.

Resorts in Maldives have their own dive schools to provide adequate instructions and equipments to guests. All the dive schools provide beginners diving courses and several other specialized courses. All the dive schools have dhonis, handbuilt by craftmen with strong planks, fitted with tanks, compressors, masks, snorkels, fins, regulators with octopus, diving knives and various other diving equipments. All diving equipments are well maintained. You can also bring your own dive equipments.

Buy scuba diving equipments from reputed store or of an eminent brand to make diving more safe, reliable and comfortable. BCD, mask, fins, snorkel, regulator, tanks, gauges, torch, gauges, weight belts and wet suites are basic scuba diving equipments required. Now days, introduction of dive computers has made diving more safe and convenient. Dive computer optimize downtime and also checks diver's performance. The most important factor while choosing any dive equipment is comfort and safety.

Other products in diving include underwater cameras to capture images of hidden world, dry suites, underwater lights, boots, dive gloves, compass, backback, whistle, depth gauge, timer and hood.

A 3 mm full-length wetsuit is suitable for diving in any season but few people prefer 5 mm wetsuit than a 3 mm wetsuit. Select best quality of dive equipments, which provide utmost safety and comfort.


- A regulator with instrument console, two demand valves, BC connector hose and a first stage.
- Weight belts are used to counter positive buoyancy
- Fins propel the diver through the water.
- Today mainly single high-pressure tanks are used for diving.
- Buoyancy compensators (BCs), or buoyancy control devices (BCDs), are inflatable bladders which are commonly jacket-styled.
- Torches not only light up dark places but also reveal true colour underwater.
- A dive slate is useful for conveying messages.
- Compass
- Depth gauge
- Pressure gauge
- A dive knife is essential for protection and as a tool
- The mask provides clear sight underwater by providing a window and air space in front of the eyes.
- Snorkels are used for breathing on the surface
- Booties provide protection and warmth.

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