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Airlines to Maldivesl with great hotel discounts and promotion rates at
Airlines to Maldives
Airline Airline Code Country of Origin Connections from other countries to Maldives Duration Flight frequency
EMIRATES EK U.A.E Dubai, Heathrow, Gatewick, Colombo, Rome, Paris, Isthubal, Frankfurt, Zurich 170 mins Daily
AIR LANKA UL SRI LANKA Colombo, Paris, Rome, Milan, Frankfurt, Zurich, Heathrow, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Hongkong, Mumbai, Munci, Delhi, Trivandrum, Dubai, Taipei 70 mins Daily
SINGAPORE AIRLINES SQ SINGAPORE Munci, Calcutta, Mumbai, Dubai, Bangalore, Trivandrum 250 mins Daily
INDIAN AIRLINES IC TRIVANDRUM Munci, Calcutta, Mumbai, Dubai, Bangalore, Trivandrum 50 mins 4 days/week
MALAYSIAN AIRLINES MH KUALA LUMPUR New York, Kuala Lumpur, Zurich, Heathrow, Singapore, Tokyo, Hongkong, Osaka, Munci, Mumbi, Delhi, Sydney, Melbourne, Jakarta, Perth, Taipei 275 mins Twice/week
PAKISTANI INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE PIA KARACHI Paris, Colombo, Rome, Milano, Zurich, Frankfurt, Heathrow, Tokyo, Singapore, Osaka, Hongkong, Munci, Mumbi, Delhi, Dubai, Taipei 275 mins Once/week
THAI AIRWAYS THA BANGKOK New York, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Bangkok, Zurich, Heathrow, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Hongkong, Mumbi, Munci, Delhi, Dubai, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Jakarta 335 mins Twice/week

Maldives is one of the hottest tourist destinations of the world that is known for its beautiful beaches. The scenic beauty of this island is sure to take your heart away. If you want to enjoy a peaceful holiday you should come to this heavenly place. The warm water, the sandy beaches, the palm trees, the blue lagoon and finally the serene ambiance will take you to a different world. Reaching Maldives is not at all a problem, as there are a number of international flights to Maldives that operate on a regular basis and provide excellent services.

Maldives flights consist of both international as well as national or domestic flights. There are numerous international airlines that fly to Maldives every day. Major international airlines, which have flights to Maldives, include Air Seychelles, Aeroflot, Air Europe, Emirates, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Indian Airlines, Kuwait Airways and others. Most Maldives flights are from India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Seychelles, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and other places.

The Maldives Airport regularly receives a range of airplanes like Alitalia, Sas Scandinavian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Czech Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Sri Lankan Airlines. There are also regular flights to Colombo [Sri Lanka], Dubai [United Arab Emirates], Kuala Lumpur [Malaysia] and Thiruvananthapuram [India]. Maldives has various airlines running from all parts of the world, which connects Maldives with other parts of the world.

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