Fish Watch
Trumpetfish (Aulostoma Chinensis)
TrumpetfishAn elongated compressed body which terminates in the front with a long and tubular snout. At the tip of the snout is a small mouth with a barble beneath the mandible. At the centre of its back are a number of stout and erectile spines, the vestigial residue of the first dorsal fin. The second dorsal fin is located near the caudal peduncle, opposite of the anal fin. The coloration ranges from yellowish to greenish. The trumpetfish feed on other smaller fish and crustaceans. They grow to a length of 60 centimetres.
Whale Shark (Rhincodon Typus)
Whale SharkThis is the world’s largest fish, and it can easily be recognised by it size. The head is flat and terminates in a large mouth, distinguished by the presence of numerous small teeth. The eyes are very small. The whale shark prefers to swim near the surface, where it feeds on small fish, cephalopods and crustaceans. The colouring is dark and light blue with distinctive white spots on the back. The belly is white. The fish is not dangerous; it grows to a length of eighteen metres.

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