Fish Watch
Spotted Unicornfish (Naso Brevirostris)
Spotted UnicornfishThis is the most distinctive of the surgeon fish, easily recognised by its powerful oval body that terminates in a long beak, which in turns extends well beyond the snout. On the sides of the peduncle there are two bony plates, each bearing a sharp spine. The caudal fin is rounded. Its colouring ranges from greyish-blue to olive brown. The lips are sometimes bluish. Its tail features a pale band along the lower edge. The spotted unicornfish has gregarious habits and attain a length of 50 centimetres.
Stingray (Taeniura Melanospilos)
StingrayThe body of the stingray is rounded, disk-like and slightly raised at the edges. The eyes are set in a raised position, immediately behind which are the large spiracles that allow the animal to breathe even when it is lying in the bottom of the sea. Its back is rough due to the presence of tubercules. The tail, which is longer than its body width, has one or two venomous 111spines with serrated edges. The colour at its back is greyish with brown or black spot and its belly is light in colour. Stingrays are often found on sheltered sandy sea beds or in grottos. They grow to a size of one metre in diameter.

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