Fish Watch
Royal Angelfish (Pygoplites Diacanthus)
Royal AngelfishIts body is not as tall as the others in the angelfish family. The rear edges of the dorsal and anal fins are well developed but do not exceed the caudal fin. The body has a background colouring of orange and yellow with eight or nine dark blue bands. The eyes are surrounded by two sharply defined dark blue stripes. The dorsal fin has a fairly dark vermiculation, while the anal fin has parallel yellow stripes along its edge. The young are fairly similar and have posterior ocellar spot. The fish grows to a length of 30 centimetres.
Spotted Eagle Ray (Aetobatus Narinari)
Spotted Eagle RayThis ray can be easily recognised by its pointed and convex head with large eyes and broad lateral spirales. The body is diamond-shaped and has broad, pointed pectoral fins. The tail, with one, two or three denticulated spines, is about three times the length of its body. The ventral fins are broad and fleshy. The back is dark in colouring with many white spots. The disk-shaped body measures up to two and a half metres in width. It attains a total length of up to two and a half metres. It can also be found in shallow lagoons (one to five metres in depth) on sandy areas.

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