Fish Watch
Peocock Grouper (Cephalopholis Argus)
Peocock GrouperThe body of the peacock grouper is massive, tapered and slightly compressed, with a powerful head and a slightly prominent lower jaw. The edge of the caudal fin is rounded. The dorsal fin with a rounded rear edge has nine spinous rays that end in the proximity of the caudal peduncle and opposite the anal fin. Its body is marked by numerous dark blue spots and by ten darker bands on the sides. The fins are dark blue. It attains a length of 50 centimetres.
Picasso Triggerfish (Rhinecanthus Aculeatus)
Picasso TriggerfishThe body of the picasso triggerfish is oval and compressed. Its head is conical and snout long and pointed. The forward and ventral part of the body is light in colour and the rear part is dark. Its mouth is edged with light blue and yellow and a striation of the same colour extends from what would be the nape of its neck to the eyes. A series of light coloured oblique bands extend over its flanks. The caudal peduncle has three rows of small black spines. The picasso triggerfish grows up to a length of thirty centimetres.

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