Fish Watch
Leopard Moray (Gymnothorax Undulatus)
Leopard MorayThe leopard moray has a general squat shape. Its forward section appears rather large and tall because of its massive head and its dorsal fin that begins at the nape of what may be considered as its neck and the gill aperture. The colour of its body is marbled in appearance and the head is spotted. The edge of the gills and the tip of the tail are white. It lives amidst the nooks and crannies of the reef as well as in the flat areas and the slopes of the reef. The leopard moray grows to length of 1.5 metres.
Longnose Hawkfish (Oxycirrhites Typus)
Longnose HawkfishA cylindrical body, taller at the centre and terminating in an elongated snout. The mouth is small and the spinous part of the dorsal fin bears a series of appendages. The pectoral fins are particularly well developed and are used to balance over gorgonians. Amongst the gorgonians the fish is perfectly camouflaged because of its matching tone and colour, the series of red stripes that form a checkerboard design. The longnose hawkfish attains a length of 10 to 13 centimentres.

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