Fish Watch
Giant Manta (Manta Birostris)
Giant MantaEasily recognised by their well-developed pectoral fins, the giant manta can attain a width of five to six metres. The head projects from its body and is distinguished by a pair of long, flat, flexible cephalic fins separated by the large arch of the mouth. The upper jaw is devoid of teeth and the spineless tail is long and slim. The dorsal colouring is dark, while the ventral colouring is quite light with dark blotches. These dark spots can be used to distinguish one individual specimen from another.
Giant Moray (Gymnothorax Javanicus)
Giant MorayThe giant moray is the largest of the morays and are fairly common throughout the Maldives. The body is powerful with a well developed head. The snout is short and the mouth is wide. The openings of the opercules are large and black and are quite evident. The body is marked by three rows of dark brown spots. The tail is reticulated. The giant moray can grow to as long as two and a half metres in length.

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