Fish Watch
Black Spotted Gardeneel (Heteroconger Hassi)
Black Spotted GardeneelThese are extremely elusive creatures that flee immediately at the sight of an approaching scuba diver. They live in large colonies in sandy areas, generally deeper than 20 metres. They are seen with the front portion of their bodies out of their holes, allowing them to wave in the water, in search of plankton on which they feed. With a head distinguished by a short snout, their eyes are large and mouth oblique with large lips. The body is light coloured and is spangled with numerous small dark spots, with larger spots closer to the back. The species can grow to a length of 40 centimetres.
Blackspotted Pufferfish (Arothron Stellatus)
Blackspotted PufferfishThe body is elongated and globular, with an oval silhouette, and is covered in small spines. The young of the species have a rubbery texture, while adults are more flaccid. The mouth is powerful equipped with two large adjacent dental plates on each jaw. The colouring is typically mottled. In the young the belly is marked by pronounced black stripes. The base of the pectoral fins is black. This fish propels itself along with its dorsal and anal fins. It is common to encounter this species on the sandy bottoms of lagoons. It grows to a length of 100-120 centimetres.

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