Fish Watch
Bat Fish (Platax Teira)
The body of the batfish is very flat and compressed, so that the adult of the species actually resembles a disk. The forward profile of the head is convex and smooth, but it is broken in line with the snout, which becomes progressively longer. The young of the species have very tall and narrow dorsal and anal fins, but over time these become shorter and rounder. The coloration also varies with age. The young are reddish or yellowish-brown, while the adults display broad dark vertical bands, or else are more or less silvery, while parts of their fins are dark in colour. They live in small schools and are omnivorous. They grow to a length of 50 centimetres.
Black-footed Clownfish (Amphiprion Nigripes)
Black-footed ClownfishThe body is oval and stout and is covered with large scales. The dorsal profile of the head presents a saddle formation above the eyes. The snout is brief, mouth small and terminal. The caudal fin has a round upper edge. The coloration ranges from orange to yellow, but there is always a white strip on the head. The ventral fins are black. This fish lives in symbiosis with the genus Heteractis. They grow to be seven or eight centimetres in length.

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