Lots 195 & 196, 39000 Tanah Rata
Cameron Highlands,
Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia

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Strawberry Park Resort - Cameron Highlands

Introduction of Strawberry Park Resort

The Strawberry Park Resort, located 1,562m above sea level on 2.83ha of land, is strategically located in Tanah Rata. Built in 1984 the Resort’s charming mock Swiss building is nestled in Malaysia's central mountain range among the world’s oldest tropical jungles. The Resort’s well-landscaped gardens and well-kept lawns give the impression that it is part of the ageless jungles that surrounds it. The resort's concept is to provide comfort amidst the natural splendour of the highlands and as such, none of the resort's blocks is more than four floors high. Thus from afar, the resort looks like it is part of the natural environment.

All this means that Strawberry Park Resort is a tangible manifestation of Nirvana on earth. Check into it, and you will get physically and emotionally charged by nature's own priceless, efficacious tonic and by the resort exceptional hospitality.


The Resort has 145 spacious rooms. All are designed to give maximum privacy and also to be a ‘home-away-from home’. Thus all rooms have their own personal balconies, writing tables and big, comfortable beds to nurse even the most stubborn disposition.

Studio Suites: Our newly renovated Studio Suite measures 8.50 meters x 5.25 meters with floor areas of 44.6 square meters or 480 square feet with a balcony. The Studio Suite comes with either a single/double bed or twin beds. Our studio suite can accommodate up to 2 adults. The Studio Suite is equipped with a wardrobe, dressing table and TV. It has 1 bathroom complete with a standing shower with hot and cold running water.

Tioga Deluxe Suite
Our newly renovated Tioga Deluxe Suite measures 8.50 meters x 6.50 meters with floor area of 55.2 square meters or 594 square feet with a balcony. The Tioga Deluxe Suite comes with 1 master bedroom and a living area. The master bedroom comes with 1 queen size bed and it can accommodate up to 2 adults. It has 1 bathroom complete with a standing shower with hot and cold running water. The Tioga Deluxe Suite is equipped with wardrobe, writing desk, dressing table and TV.





Fresno Apartment and Suite

Our Fresno Apartment and Suite (‘Fresno’)measures11.50 meters x 6.50 meters withfloorareas of 74.6 square meters or 803 squarefeetwith abalcony. The Fresno 2Bedroom comes with 2 big bedroomsandlivingarea. Bothbedrooms come with a queen size bed each. TheFresno is able toaccommodate 1 extra mattress. With the extra mattress, it can accommodate up to 5 adults.

It has 1 shared bathroom complete with a shower and a long bathtub with hot and cold running water.

Room facilities – Fresno Apartment
The Fresno Apartment is equipped with sofas, dining table for 6, wardrobe, writing desk, dressing table and TV.

Room facilities – Fresno Suite
The Fresno Suite is equipped with sofas, dining table for 6, wardrobe, writing desk, dressing table, microwave, toaster, DVD and TV.

Shasta Apartment and Suite
Our Shasta Apartment and Suite (‘Shasta’) measures 9.30 meters x 9.00 meters with floor areas of 84 square meters or 952square feet with a balcony. The Shasta comes with 3 big bedrooms, a smaller room and a living area. The 2 big rooms come with a queen size bed each and the other 2 rooms with 1 single bed each. The Shasta is able to accommodate 1 extra mattress. With the extra mattress, it can accommodate up to 7 adults.

It has 2 bathrooms, 1 equipped with a shower and the other with shower, a long bathtub with hot and cold running water.

Room facilities – Shasta Apartment
The Shasta Apartment is equipped with sofas, dining table for 6, wardrobe, writing desk, dressing table and 2 TVs.

Room facilities – Shasta Suite
The Fresno Suite is equipped with sofas, dining table for 6, wardrobe, writing desk, dressing table, microwave, toaster, DVD and 2 TVs

Penthouse Suite
Our Penthouse Suite (‘Penthouse’) measures 13.00 meters x 9.00 meters with floor areas of 117.00 square meters or 1,297 square feet with 2 balconies. The Penthouse has 3 bedroom has 3 bedrooms; 1 master bedroom and 2 smaller room. The master bedroom comes with 1 king size bed. One smaller room comes with 1 queen size bed and the other small room with 2 single beds. Under the present features, our Penthouse can comfortably accommodate 6 persons.

Extra mattresses are not allowed in the Penthouse.

The Penthouse is equipped with sofas, dining table for 6, wardrobe, writing desk, a kitchenette, dressing table and 2 TVs.

It has 2 bathrooms, each equipped with a shower and a long bathtub with hot and cold running water.


Strawberry Park Resort is designed with 8 blocks of walk-up rooms and apartments; spread over 7 acres of land. She is the market leader and the highest resort in Cameron Highlands, exclusively on her own hill with breathtaking view of the highlands. It is Where Holidays Are Forever

Our facilities include:
  • Squash court
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Children's playground
  • Tennis Court
  • Gift shop
  • Jungle trekking
  • Jogging track
  • Sauna
  • Meeting/Convention

  • We have handled countless number of seminars successfully in our resort. We have an experienced team of meeting organisers & our meeting facilities include projectors, charts,and white boards.

    Mandrayu Spa

    Our newly opened spa is designed with a contemporary Balinese concept to bring you intoa world of peace,tranquilityandserenity. The spa is located in an area with a panoramic view of the golf club and its surroundings, where it is completely private, quiet and undisturbed.

    A separate entrance leads you through lush gardens, past the outdoor gazebos and into the relaxation areas where you will be greeted by our friendly and courteous Balinese therapistsat the entrance. Single and couple treatment roomsare available upon request.Alltreatmentrooms are designed with complete privacy and coziness to make your experience amost unforgettable one. Outdoor treatments can also be done in a Balinesegazebo giving a breathtaking view of Cameron Highlands. A heated Jacuzzi in-built into another Balinese gazebo accommodates 8 people and is located in the lush gardens within the spa vicinity. Relax in the Jacuzzi and enjoy the spectacular view of Cameron Highland swhile sipping a cup ofyour favorite tea. Our treatment menus have been through a painstaking process to ensure that you are spoilt with an array of choices.

    Mandrayu Touch our signature massage is specially created with a combination of Balinese, Thai and Swedish techniques, massage sequences that combines stretching, palm & thumb pressure techniques with rolling strokes and our specially formulated warm massage oil to help soothe muscle aches and relaxes tensed muscles.

    Tour and Activities

    At your service.....Strawberry Part has a tour & activities department to ensure that you have an exciting tour with us.

    Adventure and Eco Tours

    Countryside Tour

    Since the discovery of the Cameron Highlands by William Cameron in 1885, the highlands have not only been transformed into a farming land and a retreat for the wealthy Chinese businessman but have also be
    come the most popular destination for local and foreign holiday makers alike.

    In 1929, John Archibald Russell a Scottish was the first person to be granted a piece of land to cultivate tea in this region. Today, his company Boh Plantations is the biggest tea grower in Malaysia.

    This half-day tour will take you to one of his tea plantations to watch the processing of black tea and later to sample various kinds of tea in the tea house. After the tea break, we will visit our local fruit and vegetable market, an apiary farm, Butterfly garden, Chinese Buddhist temple, Cactus and Flower gardens and lastly a Strawberry farm.

    Hill Forest Walk

    Malaysia’s highland forests offer some of the most breathtaking scenery and diverse flora and fauna in Malaysia. Our highland forests are a treasure trove of vibrantly colourful birds, delicate orchids, ferns, palms, mosses, fungi, wild ginger plants and cool, lush mountain peaks. But they are more than just a pretty picture- they perform essential ecological functions that keep our environment healthy and clean.

    Cameron Highlands is blessed with many trails dotted around the highlands. Some are for soft core and some for hard core trekkers. Even though there are some easy trails that you can walk on your own, it is always advisable to engage a local guide.

    This short guided walk from Arcadia bungalow to Mardi station in Tanah Rata will enable you to explore the differences between our hill and lowland forests.

    Mossy Forest Walk

    Mosses and liverworts are commonly regarded as useless. Although they do not have direct economic value, they are important in many other respects. They play an important role for the water balance of ecosystems in the forests and bogs by storing large amounts of water. In tropical montane rainforests they function as huge reservoirs, supplying water to the streams and rivers in a balanced manner throughout the year. Mosses and liverworts do not only store water like a sponge but also prevents erosion by fixing the uppermost layer of soil, especially in steep slopes. Just like every organism, mosses and liverworts have certain functions in the ecosystems such as providing micro-habitats for small animals, germination of seeds or food for certain beetles.

    This 2 hours walk to Gunung Brinchang at 6,666ft. above sea level will allow you to discover how the mossy forest plays its part in providing us with the water upon which we depend on water that is clean and mountain fresh. The return journey will take us through carpets of manicured tea bushes where some of the best black tea is produced. After a guided tour to the processing factory, refreshments will be served at the Boh tea house.

    Asli Village Tour

    Cameron Highlands are known for the high population of natives still living in the forests. In the early sixties, some of them have been re-settled by the government to the new area of their choice. To improve their standard of living, the government has not only supplied their settlement with water and electricity but also helped them to find jobs in the government and private sectors.

    Unfortunately, there are still a number of them who do not wish to be re-settled because they do not want to trade in their peace and quiet for the hustle and bustle of bigger towns or developed areas.

    This 4x4 tour will take you to some of these settlements where some inhabitants who seek job opportunities in the towns or farms but still prefer to live in harmony with their natural environment.

    Surrounding Towns

    Tanah Rata

    This is the administrative town of Cameron Highlands where most Government Departments are located. There are mosque, Hindu and Chinese temples, a small local museum, children's playground, bus/taxi station, gerai-gerai, sundry and retail shops, market and budget hotels.


    The second largest town in Cameron Highlands comprising mostly sundry/retail shops, budget hotels, ‘gerai-gerai’ or stalls and a wet market.

    Other Town/Villages

    If you have transport, drive further up after Brinchang, you will arrive at a number of villages namely Tringkap, Kuala Terla and the last village, Kampung Raja being the end of the road. It takes about 40 minutes. (Follow the Signboard).

    Kampung Attap Walk

    Tropical rainforests represent the oldest major vegetation type still present on the terrestrial Earth. Like all vegetation, however, that of the rainforest continues to evolve and change so that modern tropical rainforests are not identical with rainforests of the geologic past.

    It is not surprise, therefore, to find the greatest diversity of flowering plants today in the tropical rainforests where they first evolved. Of particular interest is the fact that the majority of flowering plants displaying the most primitive characteristics are found in rainforests - especially tropical rainforests.

    This two days walk through one of the oldest rainforest in the world will give you the insight of the fragility and the beauty of our virgin forest.

    Rafflesia The Tour

    The Rafflesia is one of the most magnificent flowers ever known to the botanical world. In size it excels by spanning 97 cm in diameter, the largest ever recorded from a flower of the species Rafflesiaarnoldii, found by Sir Stamford Raffles and Dr. Arnold during a plant collecting expedition to Sumatra in 1818. Their specimen was sent to the British Museum (Natural History) in London where it caused much wonder and amazement.

    The uniqueness of Rafflesia lies not just in its size and appearance. Its peculiar parasitic life style, which means that it is totally dependent on a host-in this case, a vine-for survival is equally interesting. Biologically, Rafflesia is so specialized that the only visible part is the flower. It has neither roots, leaves nor stem - nothing is green.

    This tour will take you to the few remaining sites where this parasitic plant can still be found.

    Gunung Brinchang Tour

    Gunung Brinchang at 6,666ft. above sea level is the highest peak in Cameron Highlands. Translated into English, the Malay word "Gunung" means mountain and "Brinchang" means strong winds. With the temperature sometimes recording less than 15 degrees Centigrade during the night, this mountain is a home to numerous species of mosses, pitcher plants, wild orchids and flowers. It is also a showpiece of what mossy forest is all about.

    The ride to the top by 4x4 and the view from the lookout point will allow you to enjoy and appreciate the panoramic view of our montane forests. After a short walk to the mossy forest we will proceed to visit the highest tea plantation in Malaysia.

    Refreshments will be serve at the tea house after a short tour to the orthodox tea factory which was set up in the early 1930s.


    There is an 18 hole public Golf Course which is just 5 minutes from the resort.

    Food & Beverage

    Dining and Entertainment

    Jim Thompson Terrace
    Continental breakfast is served at 7 am every morning. Guests are really spoiled for choice with a particular favorite being freshly made omelets, cooked on one’s own specifications. For those who prefer an oriental cuisine, one is able to taste the best Teochew porridge or Malaysia’s famous nasi lemak. The Terrace also serves up designer sandwiches for lunch apart from a wide range of Western delights.

    The Strawberry Court Thai Restaurant
    The Resort’s newly opened Thai Restaurant serves up spectacular Thai cuisines. From the popular Thai steamboat to a menu full of authentic Thai cuisines, the restaurant operates on its own personal kitchen. Only the freshest ingredients are used in this kitchen. Guests are also given a wide variety of desserts.

    The Tudor Grill

    Living-up to the reputation of the Highlands as a ‘colonial’ experience, the Tudor Grill is designed to make Western dining a cultural experience. Here guests can enjoy steaks and pies that are served according to the highest standards in ‘colonial’ dining. Occasionally a live-band serenades diners with tunes from the past.

    Tudor Lounge
    Enjoy your drink, relax and unwind while enjoying wide selection of music.

    Lobby Bar

    To wet the appetite, all are welcome at the Lobby Bar. Guests can either sit around the bar or take their drink sitting around a roaring fire. It is the perfect place to wait for friends who never seem to be show up. However at the Lobby Bar, we are sure that guests would not mind them not being on time.

    The Garden Terrace
    offers casual outdoor dining in the cool crisp air serving tantalizing smoked meats and seafood fresh from Strawberry Park Resort’s newest addition, the ‘Smokey Bear’.

    Wildberry Bar

    Party all night long or if you are an aspiring songbird sing till your heart is content.

    Jim Thompson Terrace

    Tudor Grill

    Lobby Bar

    The Garden Terrace

    Strawberry Court Thai Restaurant
    ( Halal Thai Restaurant

    Meeting and Conference facilities

    Meeting & Convention rooms well equipped and furnished to accommodate up to 150 persons.


    The Drive up to Strawberry Park

    Heading out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital city, it takes about one-and-a-half hours to reach Tapah, a small rustic town in the west coast state of Perak. From there, you take route 59 into the highlands. The drive along meandering slopes curves in and out of the mountain range, reminding the traveller of the majesty of the tropical rainforest. It is time to roll down the windows and take in the fresh air. It is also an interesting border crossing experience as once you drive pass Ringlet, you cross into Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia's largest state. Alternatively, the highland is accessible using the new Ipoh highway called Simpang Pulai Highway. The drive from Ipoh to Cameron Highlands takes around one hour.

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