An Introduction to Sung Dynasty Village

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Sung Dynasty Village recreated the masterpiece "Upriver Parade in Ching Ming" and brings to life the Chinese historial painting. Since its establishment in 1979, Sung Dynasty Village has attracted international attention and become one of the most popular tourist spots in Hong Kong. It is touch of classicism and elegance heavily contrasts the many-faceted commercialised culture expected of a cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong. Here at Sung Dynasty Village tourists immerse themselves in ancient Chinese culture while they are entertained. "Sung Dynasty Village" is undoubtedly a magnificent creation.

Over HK$15 million and four years' creative effort have been poured into the construction of Sung Dynasty Village which is modelled after the capital (Bian Jing) of Sung Dynasty (960 AD-1279 AD). You will be amazed at the exhibition of Sung life-architecture, food, customs and marketplace-inside Sung Dynasty Village.

As you step into the village, you immediately lose all sense of the present and you are transported through time passages back to the Sung Dynasty. Sung flags at the entrance by a wooden bridge. The village features of a Sung street : triumphal archs, stone lions, shops selling traditional baked cakes, candles and incense, silk and handicraft etc. Masters perform various amusement and acrobatic shows. Also displayed are Sung sculptures, and drawings and artistes demonstrate traditional Chinese paintings, music and dance and a wedding ceremony is enacted.

Some meandering path away from the end of the street is the Rich Man's Manor. Here the sumptuous life of court overwhelms the senses. All kinds of antique furniture fill the floors while servants slave away to bring comfort to their masters. Not far from the Manor is the Er-lang Shen Temple where incense burns and forture-tellers pedict believers' destinies. The most magnificent construction inside Sung Dynasty Village is Plentiful-Joy Restaurant. Its pillars and beams are all sculptured and painted in Sung fashion. What can be more enjoyable than having a delicious Sung meal and drinking to Chinese classical music.

After the meal, visit the Wax Museum where you will meet the emperors of various Chinese dynasties. Get to know them and begin to appreciate the 5,000 years of Chinese history.

Men and women in Sung costume, makes the trip back to Sung Dynasty almost real. Warm tourist guides in Sung Dynasty Village speak different languages. They are all eagerly looking forward to bringing of the Sung Dynasty.

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