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Rail Link
chekair3.jpg (11324 bytes)Operated by the Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTRC), the high-speed Airport Express (AEL) rail servicee takes passengers from Hong Kong Station in the Central business district to the airport, with two stops en route, in just 23 minutes. From the first stop, Kowloon Station, travel time to the airport is only 19 minutes. Travel time to the airport the second stop, Tsing Yi Station, is 12 minutes. One-way adult fare to/from the airport is HK$100 Hong Kong Island; HK$90 for Kowloon. Children's fare is approximately half. Free shuttle bus transfers to hotels is available for AEL users.

Taxis to almost anywhere in Hong Kong are readily available. The taxi staging area can accomodate 530 vehicles. Red taxis serve Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, green taxis serve the new Territories and blue taxis serve Lantus Island.

Since taxi routes and distances are subject to change, the following fares are estimates only :

Hong Kong Island :chekair4.jpg (10398 bytes)

Kowloon :

New territories :

Ouoted fares include charge levied for a journey through toll tunnel and/or bridge.

Ferry Links
Ferry services operate between the airport and Tuen Mun in the New territories. These services will be expanded to other urban centres in time. Ferry services operate from 6 am to 10 pm daily at 20-to 30-minute intervals. The one-way fare is HK$15 (adults), HK$10 (children). Each trip takes about 15 minutes.

Hotel and Travel Agent Transfer
Visitors who have booked rooms in certain hotel and have arranged transport with the hotel can find hotel shuttle buses, limousines and cars in the central area of the airport's Transportation Centre. The southern end of the Transportation Centre is where tour buses are parked for visitors who have booked tours that begin from the arrival point at the airport.

Bus Service
There are 28 franchised bus routes serving the airport. Twenty-two are conventional lines primarily of use to local residents with numerous stops. Six are airbuses, primarily dedicated to departing and arriving airline passengers. They have fewer stops and stop at some hotels.

The major airbus routes are :

No. Route Fare (one way) Frequency
A11   Airport to Causeway Bay HK$40 every 12 minutes
A12   Airport to Sai Wan Ho ferry Pier HK$45 every 15 minutes
A21   Airport to Kowloon KCR Station HK$33 every 10 minutes
A22   Airport to Lam Tin MTR Station HK$39 every 15 minutes
A31   Aiirport toTsuen Wan HK$17 every 15 minutes
A41   Airpoort to Sha Tin HK$20 every 20 minutes

The major conventional bus routes are :

No. Route Fare (one way) Frequency
E11   Airport to Causeway Bay HK$21 every 15-20 minutes
E22   Airport to Kowloon City HK$18 every 10-25 minutes
E33   Airport to Tuen Mun HK$13 every 11-15 minutes
E41   Airport to Tai Po HK$13 every  9-12 minutes
E42   Airport to Sha Tin HK$13 every 12-30 minutes

Bus schedules are available from bus information counters located in the Transportation Centre from where all bus services depart.
Fares and frequencies are subject to change.

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