Entering United Arab Emirates and Visas
visa stamp All visitors to UAE are required of a visa sponsored by a local entity such as a hotel or tour company.
Click HERE for the list of citizens/ Passport Holders who do not need a pre-arranged visa.

There are two types: Short Term Tourist Visas for 14 days and Tourist visas for 30 days. Airlines may require confirmation that the sponsor is holding a valid visa for incoming visitors. Visas are easily obtainable for visitors except Israelis and traveler’s whose passports bear Israeli stamps. Guests are strongly advised to check current regulations before traveling.
  Normal Processing (Documents and Payment received 10 working days or more prior intended Arrival Date)  
  Urgent Processing (Documents and Payment received 2-9 working days prior intended Arrival Date)  



  • • Scanned Biopage Passport Copy (colored - . jpg format) of the applicant
  • • Personal Pictures / Specifications:
    • • Dimensions: 4.3cm x 5.5cm
    • • File size: should be 40 KB
    • • File type: JPG  
    • • Picture should be colored and clear
  • • Confirmed Hotel Booking under www.asiatravel.com (Minimum 3 nights)
  • • Visa Processing time: 3-10 working days
  • • Completed Visa Application Form (shown below)
  • • Guarantee Deposit**
  • • Completed credit card authorization form for the visa fee and visa guarantee fee with front and back copy of the card itself

Personal Information:
IMPORTANT!!! Pls make sure that it is the name shown on your passport .(*) is a compulsory field.
First name: *  
Middle Name : *  
Last Name: *  
Father's name: *  
Mother's name: *  
Husband's name:  
Language Spoken:  
Gender: Female /Male *  
Marital Status: Single /Married *  
Previous Nationality * Present Nationality: *
Date of Birth: * Place of Birth: * Birth Country: *
Religion: * Email: *

Passport Details:
Passport Number: *
Passport Type: *
Passport Issuing Government: *
Passport Issuing Country: *
Date of Issue: *
Expiration Date: *
Place of Issue: *
Flight Details:
Date of Arrival: * Flight No: *
Arrival Time: *
Airport of Destination? (Dubai/Sharjah/Abu Dhabi/ Al Ain) *
If arriving at Dubai International Airport, please specify if (Terminal 1 /2 /3)
Hotel Name you will be staying in United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Date of Departure: Flight No: Departure Time: Airport of Departure?
(Dubai/Sharjah/Abu Dhabi/ Al Ain)
Important Instructions:

Visa Processing Time:
NORMAL: 3-10 working days (documents and payment received 10 working days prior intended arrival date)
URGENT: 2-3 working days (documents and payment received 2-9 working days prior intended arrival date)
Working Days: Sunday – Thursday except declared Public Holidays.

The UAE Visa has a certain validity (to enter and exit) after the visa is issued.

  • Short Term Tourist Visa
    • • Must be used within 14 DAYS upon issuance
    • • Must exit UAE 14 DAYS after the date of arrival
  • Tourist Visa
    • • Must be used within 60 DAYS upon issuance
    • • Must exit UAE 30 DAYS after the date of arrival

Guests are informed to adhere and exit within the visa validity. As a new rule, Asiatravel.com will immediately impose BLACKLIST penalty to overstaying guest. This penalty can only be lifted upon full payment of AED 5700 to Asiatravel.com and settlement of any other incurred penalty charges by the UAE Immigration.



Effective October 2016, for those who intend to transfer from Tourist Visa to Employment Visa without exiting the country, there is a penalty fee of AED 27,500. Asiatravel.com serves the right to act on this by filing a case, impose and charge the penalty to the guest with full intention to disregard UAE Visa law and misuse of our visa sponsorship which is valid for tourism purpose only.

Important: As per company policy, we require Guarantee Deposit of AED 5,500 (plus AED 200 if guaranteed through Credit Card) per passport for processing visa. This guarantee will be refunded upon receipt of copy of your passport's exit stamp in UAE and clearance from our visa verification officer.

Guarantee Deposits is mandatory for the visa application of the nationalities for the following: Pakistan / Uganda / Ghana / Ethiopia / Cameroon. Same is non-refundable in case of overstaying.

- Should you cancel the hotel booking which is a prerequisite to your visa application, the processing of the latter will cancelled as well.

- To avoid unnecessary delay or inconvenience, note that all visa processing will require time. If documentation and payment is received less than 10 working days, URGENT PROCESSING FEE will automatically apply.

- Visa Approval is at sole discretion of the Immigration Officials and not of Asiatravel.com. We cannot guarantee that all applications will be approved. Once your Visa Application is submitted to Immigration Department, the Visa Application Fee is non-refundable whether it is approved or rejected and/or if the Passenger does not use the Visa.

- Should your Visa Application is rejected; we will provide you with the proof of rejection from the Immigration Department for your reference and record.

- In case of rejection, if guest and/or sponsor would wish to re-apply, a new processing fee will be collected. Reapplication could be done, but is still not guaranteed that the Immigration Department will initiate Visa Approval.


Visa Cancellation:
Visa Processing fee is non-refundable, regardless if visa is approved or rejected.
Note: A Cancellation or Rejection Fee may be applied and collected in addition to the processing fee. Our support team will coordinate with the guests should such situation arise.

***Very Important*** You Must Exit The United Arab Emirates through any Airport one (1) day before the expiry of your Visa, otherwise a penalty of AED 200 for the first day of overstaying and AED 100 per day onwards per passenger, other charges or penalties may apply.


Please Note that UAE Rules and Regulations are very strict. Illegal drugs, drinking liquor and driving under the influence of alcohol are strictly prohibited in the UAE.

For further information you can contact our office at Tel: (+971 4) 250-2250; Mobile: (+971) 55 938 4265.
E-mail at dubaipackages@asiatravel.com or james.jandusay@asiatravel.com and we will be happy to assist you.

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