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Tours & Attractions

Boracay Island Hopping with Lunch

• 6 hours Island Hopping with lunch
• Roundtrip hotel transfer

Boracay Paraw Sailing

• 1 hour Paraw Sailing
• Most popular water sports in Boracay

Boracay Parasailing (For 2-3 Pax)

Parasailing for 15 minutes

Land Packages

Aloha Boracay Hotel + Island Hopping + Express Airport Transfer

• Island Hopping w/Buffet Lunch
• Express Airport Transfer

The Sitio by the Beach Hotel + EXPRESS Transfer + Island Hopping with Lunch

Breakfast,Island Hopping with Lunch & Roundtrip Airport Transfer

La Carmela de Boracay + Island Hopping + Express Roundtrip Airport Transfer

Buffet Breakfast, Island Hopping with Lunch & Roundtrip Airport Transfer

Boracay Hotel Listing by location

Hotels in Station 1 Map

Hotel Name
Beachcomber Resort Boracay

PHP 3,526.00
Blue Lilly Hotel

PHP 2,365.00
Bluewaves Westcliff Villa

PHP 2,129.00
Boracay Beach Club

PHP 2,916.00
Boracay Breeze Hotel

PHP 1,550.00
Boracay Haven Suites

PHP 3,883.00
Boracay Steve's Cliff

PHP 5,710.00
Boracay Studio Apartments
Deluxe Hotel Apt

Special Rate
Club Ten Beach Resort

PHP 2,101.00
Crown Regency Prince Resort Boracay

PHP 2,262.00
Dormitels (formerly Lakbayan Hotel)

PHP 676.00
Dormitels Boracay

PHP 1,101.00
Hampstead Boutique Hotel

PHP 2,651.00
Hotel Mari Main

PHP 1,175.00
Il Mare Sakura Resort Boracay

PHP 2,039.00
Ilicitos Resort
Standard Hotel Apt

PHP 1,152.00
JayJays Club

PHP 1,291.00
Jony's Beach Resort

PHP 3,832.00
Jony's Boutique Hotel

PHP 3,303.00
Joshua's Apartelle

PHP 1,631.00
La Bella Casa de Boracay

PHP 1,917.00
Las Brisas Garden Resort

PHP 2,312.00
LSM Square Residence

Special Rate
Lugar Bonito Hotel

PHP 3,670.00
Mito's Place Boracay

PHP 1,733.00
Nandana Boracay

PHP 4,323.00
Niu Ohana Garden Resort

PHP 2,039.00
One Crescent Place Hotel

PHP 2,064.00
Patio Pacific

PHP 3,100.00
Serviced Apartments by Eco Hotel Boracay

PHP 3,553.00
Shore Time Hotel

PHP 3,263.00
Sol y Sombra Boracay Hotel

PHP 2,847.00
The Boracay Beach Resort

PHP 2,111.00
The Lind Boracay

PHP 10,568.00
The Muse Hotel Boracay

PHP 10,440.00
The Palms of Boracay

PHP 2,691.00
The Sitio Boracay Villas and Suites

PHP 2,141.00
The Strand Boracay Resort

PHP 4,568.00
White Coral Hotel

Special Rate
Yegrina Resort Boracay

PHP 1,380.00

Hotels in Station 2 Map

Hotel Name
8Colors Beach House

PHP 1,800.00
A Suites Hotel

PHP 2,284.00
AJ Travellers Inn

PHP 1,321.00
Alamo Bay Inn

PHP 1,289.00
Almafada Villa

PHP 1,835.00
Aloha Boracay Hotel

PHP 2,464.00
Altabriza Resort Boracay

PHP 4,777.00
Amigos Beach Resort

PHP 1,332.00
Amihan Home

PHP 2,439.00
AV Seven Resort Boracay

Special Rate
Azalea Hotels & Residences Boracay

PHP 3,997.00
Bamboo Beach Resort and Restaurant

PHP 1,781.00
Best Western Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel

PHP 2,976.00
Blue Bamboo Hostel

PHP 1,046.00
Blue Marina

PHP 3,874.00
Blue Veranda Suites at Boracay

PHP 2,305.00
Bora Sky Hotel

PHP 2,524.00
Boracay Backpackers

PHP 392.00
Boracay Balcony Inn

PHP 2,284.00
Boracay Blue Lotus Hotel

PHP 3,230.00
Boracay Garden

PHP 4,075.00
Boracay Haven Resort

PHP 3,524.00
Boracay Holiday Resort

PHP 2,445.00
Boracay Paradise Hotel

Special Rate
Boracay Summer Palace

PHP 4,111.00
Canyon de Boracay (Formerly Asya Boracay)

PHP 4,894.00
Casa d Estrella Apartelle

PHP 1,223.00
Cez Manor Resort

PHP 2,284.00
Chill Out Hostel Boracay

PHP 367.00
Club Manila East Boracay

PHP 2,367.00
Cocorimas St. Vincent Resort

PHP 693.00
Crazy Rate 3-Star in Station 2

PHP 2,610.00
Crown Regency Courtyard Resort

PHP 2,484.00
Crown Regency Resort & Convention Center

PHP 3,891.00
DeParis Resort Corporation

PHP 4,146.00
Diwata Resort and Spa

PHP 1,631.00
Ellen's Resort

PHP 1,223.00
Eurotel Boracay

PHP 2,092.00
Fat Jimmy's Resort

PHP 2,251.00
Ferra Hotel Boracay

PHP 3,817.00
Giulius Boracay Italian Resort

PHP 3,165.00
Green Monkey Resort

PHP 4,039.00
Henann Lagoon Resort

PHP 5,700.00
Hue Hotels and Resorts Boracay Managed by HII

Special Rate
Il Portico Boracay Beach House

Special Rate
Indila Boracay

Special Rate
Isla Gecko Resort

PHP 1,938.00
Jerome's Resort

PHP 938.00
JJ Resort and SPA Corp.

PHP 3,100.00
Le Soleil De Boracay Hotel

PHP 2,778.00
Lime Hotel Boracay

PHP 2,880.00
Liraz Ville Pension House

Special Rate
Luxx Boutique Boracay

PHP 2,153.00
M.N. Boracay Lodge Inn

PHP 1,794.00
Madid's Inn

PHP 1,223.00
Maxima De Boracay

Special Rate
Nirvana Beach Resort

PHP 4,992.00
Panorama Sunrise Resort

PHP 1,958.00
Patrick's Home Boracay

PHP 1,039.00
Paupatri Villas

Special Rate
Red Coco Inn de Boracay

PHP 2,005.00
Seabird International Resort

PHP 2,512.00
Siesta Hostel Boracay
1 Star

Special Rate
St. Vincent Cottages Dee & Timmys Side

PHP 816.00
Sunwoo Sung Resort Boracay

PHP 1,794.00
Taj Resort and Spa

Special Rate
The Boracay Crown Beach Hotel

PHP 2,038.00
The Piccolo Hotel of Boracay

Special Rate
The Sun Villa Resort and Spa Hilltop

PHP 1,462.00
Traveller's Pad Boracay

PHP 1,468.00
Urban Boutique Hotel

PHP 1,999.00
Villa Lourdes Resort

PHP 816.00
Villa Sunset Boracay

PHP 1,794.00
Wald's Place

PHP 1,419.00
YB Hostel

PHP 416.00

Hotels in Station 3 Map

Hotel Name
Alla Luna Rossa

PHP 1,777.00
Arwana Hotel & Restaurant Boracay

PHP 1,665.00
Astoria Current

PHP 3,263.00
Bianca's Garden Apartment

Special Rate
Blue Coral Resort

PHP 1,631.00
Blue Dawn Boracay

PHP 4,611.00
Blue Ocean Boutique Hotel.Com

PHP 2,960.00
Boracay Huts

PHP 2,039.00
Boracay Sands Hotel

Special Rate
Calypso Diving Resort

PHP 2,762.00
Casa Pilar Beach Resort

PHP 1,958.00
Cocoloco Beach Resort

Special Rate
Dante's Hideaway Beach Resort
Standard Hotel Apt

PHP 1,101.00
Erus Hotel Boracay

PHP 2,207.00
Escurel Inn Boracay

PHP 1,223.00
Galleria de Boracay

Special Rate
Greenyard Inn

PHP 1,835.00
M&E Guesthouse
1 Star

PHP 1,468.00
Mandala Spa & Villas

PHP 8,516.00
Mara Villa Resort

PHP 1,835.00
Merly's Place Cottages

PHP 1,077.00
Moreno's Cottages

PHP 1,517.00
Moreno's Lodging

PHP 954.00
Noe's Cottages
1 Star

Special Rate
Orchids Resort

Special Rate
Paradise Garden Resort Hotel and Convention Center

PHP 3,541.00
Pinjalo Resort Villas

PHP 1,948.00
Roy's Rendezvous Boracay

PHP 1,794.00
Starfire Resort (Annex)

PHP 784.00
The Sun Garden Hilltop Resort

PHP 731.00
Tonglen Beach Resort

PHP 2,022.00
Turtle Inn Boracay

PHP 2,015.00
Villa Romero De Boracay

PHP 1,331.00

Hotels in Yapak Map

Hotel Name
Alta Vista de Boracay

PHP 2,459.00
Balinghai Beach Resort

Special Rate
Bersaba Residence

PHP 979.00
Boracay Ecovillage

PHP 1,592.00
Boracay Grand Vista Resort and Spa

PHP 3,006.00
Crazy Rate 5 Star near Puka Beach Boracay

PHP 2,182.00
Crazy Rate 5 Star near Yapak Boracay

PHP 2,357.00
Crimson Resort and Spa Boracay

Special Rate
Fairways and Bluewater Newcoast Boracay

PHP 4,177.00
Hotel Soffia Boracay

PHP 2,271.00
Movenpick Resort and Spa Boracay

PHP 9,070.00
Oasis Resort and Spa

Special Rate
Savoy Hotel Boracay Newcoast

PHP 3,685.00
Shangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa

PHP 21,500.00
The Orient Beach Boracay

PHP 1,998.00
Crazy Rate 3 Star Hotel Near Yapak

Special Rate
Zoe Mei Resort

PHP 2,643.00

Hotels in Mt. Luho Map

Hotel Name
Casa Camilla

PHP 2,055.00
Karuna & Villas

PHP 7,749.00
Private Mt. Casitas Boracay - Philippines

PHP 6,525.00
Sunrise Palais Boracay

PHP 2,195.00

Hotels in Angol Map

Hotel Name
Asya Premier Suites

PHP 12,657.00
Breathtaking Ocean View Exclusive 4BR Luxury Villa

PHP 44,861.00
Cohiba Villas Boracay

PHP 7,878.00
Den Pasar Boracay 3BR Luxury Apartments

Special Rate
Jeepney Villas

PHP 2,039.00
Karuna Boracay Suites by Mel

PHP 2,202.00
Lantaw Villas

Special Rate
Tanawin Resort & Luxury Apartments

PHP 4,111.00

Hotels in Station 1 Beachfront Map

Hotel Name
Ambassador in Paradise Resort

PHP 6,455.00
Astoria Boracay

PHP 6,690.00
Bans Beach Resort

PHP 1,968.00
Bluewaves Beach House

PHP 2,351.00
Boracay Coco Huts

PHP 3,263.00
Boracay Sandcastles The Apartments

PHP 8,067.00
Boracay Terraces Resort

PHP 2,202.00
Crazy Rate 3-Star in Station 1 Beachfront

PHP 2,555.00
Crystal Sand Beach Resort

PHP 3,071.00
Diamond Water Edge Resort

PHP 5,873.00
Discovery Shores Boracay

PHP 14,874.00
Estacio Uno - Boracay Lifestyle Resort

PHP 5,285.00
Fridays Boracay

PHP 9,224.00
Henann Prime Beach Resort

PHP 4,858.00
La Fiesta Resort

PHP 2,549.00
Las Brisas de Boracay Resort

PHP 1,808.00
MR Holidays Hotel

PHP 1,387.00
Nigi Nigi Too Beach Resort

PHP 5,010.00
One Azul

PHP 2,635.00
Pearl of the Pacific

PHP 2,991.00
Quoalla Boracay (formerly The Sitio by the Beach)

PHP 1,120.00
Real Maris Boracay Beach Resort

PHP 4,038.00
Residencia Boracay

PHP 6,117.00
Robinsons Beach House

PHP 23,695.00
Royal Park Hotel

PHP 2,202.00
Sea Wind Boracay

PHP 10,658.00
Sur Beach Resort

PHP 2,480.00
The Sun Villa Resort & Spa Beachfront

PHP 1,462.00
Two Seasons Boracay Resort

PHP 6,467.00
Villa Kaloo

PHP 35,909.00
White House Beach Resort

PHP 3,197.00
Willy's Beach Hotel

PHP 3,086.00

Hotels in Station 2 Beachfront Map

Hotel Name
Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel

PHP 3,875.00
Boracay Peninsula Resort
Standard Hotel Apt

PHP 1,915.00
Boracay Travelodge Beach Resort

PHP 1,583.00
Boracay Uptown

PHP 6,933.00
Boracay Victory Beach Resort

PHP 4,241.00
Coast Boracay

PHP 14,927.00
Eriko's House

PHP 1,223.00
Henann Crystal Sands Resort

PHP 4,798.00
Henann Garden Resort

PHP 5,731.00
Henann Regency Resort and Spa (formerly Boracay Regency)

PHP 4,480.00
Hostel Avenue

PHP 325.00
La Carmela de Boracay Resort Hotel

PHP 1,628.00
Lishui Beach Resort

PHP 3,120.00
Nigi Nigi Nu Noos

PHP 4,500.00
Red Coconut Beach Hotel

PHP 9,825.00
The District Boracay

PHP 8,075.00
Villa De Oro Beach Resort, Inc.

PHP 1,631.00
Villa De Oro Beach Resort, Inc.(ML)

Special Rate
Zuzuni Boutique Hotel

PHP 2,219.00

Hotels in Station 3 Beachfront Map

Hotel Name
B Pod Hotel

PHP 2,773.00
Boracay Ocean Club

PHP 4,074.00
Boracay Pito Huts

PHP 2,667.00
Crazy Rate Budget Hotel in Station 3 Beachfront

PHP 1,794.00
Crown Regency Beach Resort

PHP 3,230.00
Dive Gurus Boracay Beach Resort

PHP 1,488.00
Golden Phoenix Hotel Boracay

PHP 5,302.00
La Isla Bonita Resort & Spa

PHP 1,248.00
Mabuhay Beach House

Special Rate
Morning Beach Resort

PHP 900.00
Oro Beach Resort

PHP 1,835.00
Salidos Place Resort

PHP 2,496.00
Sandals Boracay

PHP 2,403.00
Sulu Plaza

PHP 1,860.00
Surfside Boracay Resort & Spa

PHP 2,202.00

Hotels in Near D'Mall Map

Hotel Name
Bolabog Beach Resort

PHP 3,223.00
Boracay Actopia Resort

PHP 1,164.00
Boracay Box and Ladder Hostel

PHP 530.00
Boracay Royale Residence Inn

PHP 1,424.00
Feliz Hotel Boracay

Special Rate
Gemtalk Suites

PHP 1,937.00
Grand Boracay Resort

PHP 3,044.00
Hey Jude Resort

PHP 2,153.00
Hotel Mari Annex

PHP 1,175.00
Island Inn (formerly Veli's Inn)

PHP 2,251.00
Jeffrey S Hotel

PHP 1,468.00
Lolas Lodge

PHP 1,346.00
Shore Time Hotel Annex

PHP 2,039.00
The Tides Hotel Boracay

PHP 4,918.00
YCL Hotel Boracay

PHP 1,328.00

Hotels in Diniwid Map

Hotel Name
Artista Beach Villas

PHP 5,339.00
Boracay Amor Apartments

PHP 3,320.00
Boracay West Cove

PHP 3,455.00
Casa Gabriel

PHP 4,604.00
Casa Mika

PHP 5,985.00
Diniview Villas

Special Rate
Koko's Place

Special Rate
Microtel Inn and Suites Boracay

PHP 3,670.00
Nami Resort

PHP 6,967.00
Punta Rosa Boutique Hotel

PHP 3,670.00
Sulusea Boutique Hotel

PHP 1,733.00
The Beach House Resort Boracay

PHP 2,936.00
Villa Wahoo

PHP 6,445.00

Hotels in Manoc-Manoc Map

Hotel Name
357 Boracay

PHP 3,902.00
812 Angol Boracay

Special Rate
Abozza Resort

PHP 1,468.00
Alliyah's Beach Resort

PHP 1,763.00
Anahaw Studio Suites

PHP 1,631.00
Argonauta Boracay Boutique Hotel with Apartments and Villas

USD 114.84
Baeay sa Boracay Resort

Special Rate
Boracay Grace Hotel

PHP 1,223.00
Boracay Water World

PHP 1,835.00
Faith Village Gardens

PHP 1,085.00
Flora East Resort and Spa

PHP 3,491.00
Hey Jude South Beach Hotel

Special Rate
Hilltop Resort

PHP 1,223.00
Island Jewel Inn

PHP 2,124.00
Kaiyana Boracay Beach Resort

PHP 3,120.00
Lingganay Boracay Hotel Resort

PHP 2,829.00
Marzon Beach Resort

PHP 1,166.00
Monaco Suites de Boracay

PHP 10,553.00
My Hostel

PHP 530.00
Paper House Boutique Resort
1 Star

PHP 1,958.00
Prince Boracay Adventures Apartments
Standard Hotel Apt

PHP 1,835.00
Sheridan Villas

PHP 1,631.00
Sundown Beach Studios

PHP 5,796.00
Sundown Resort

Special Rate
The Beach Anne Boracay

PHP 1,162.00
The Rose Pike at Boracay

PHP 2,215.00
Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel

PHP 3,997.00

Hotels in Bulabog Beach Map

Hotel Name
7 Stones Boracay Suites

PHP 8,809.00
Aissatou Beach Resort

PHP 1,982.00
Bale Mi

PHP 2,332.00
Boracay Gems

PHP 2,045.00
Cool Stay Inn
1 Star

PHP 1,255.00
Ernest's Place Boracay

PHP 1,631.00
Hangin Kite Resort

PHP 2,202.00
Isla Kitesurfing Guesthouse

Special Rate
Jeepney Hostel and Kite Resort

PHP 587.00
Kiter's Inn Boracay

PHP 408.00
La Casita Bed & Breakfast

PHP 2,158.00
La Oviedo Villas Resort Boracay

PHP 1,351.00
La Plage De Boracay Resort

PHP 1,733.00
Luxe View Hotel

PHP 4,714.00
Mecasa Hotel

PHP 1,468.00
MNL Beach Hostel Boracay

PHP 521.00
Niu Ohana East Bay Apartments

PHP 1,794.00
Pahuwayan Suites

PHP 3,263.00
Palassa Private Residences

PHP 4,331.00
Palm Breeze Villa

Special Rate
Reef Retreat Resort

PHP 3,480.00
Rieseling Boracay Beach

PHP 4,405.00
Second Wind Hostel by MNL

PHP 568.00
Secret Garden Resort

PHP 1,387.00
Stellar Boracay

Special Rate
Surfers Home Boracay

Special Rate
W Hostel

PHP 562.00

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