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Recommended Hotels in Manila Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Bayview Park Hotel 3 stars PHP 1,763.00 Book
Casa Bocobo 3 stars PHP 1,084.00 Book
Hotel Jen Manila (Formerly Traders ... 4 stars PHP 3,510.00 Book
Copacabana Apartment-Hotel 3 stars PHP 1,665.00 Book
Extremeli Suites (Solemare Suites) 3 stars PHP 1,627.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in The Fort, Taguig Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Shangri-La at the Fort, Manila 5 stars PHP 13,467.00 Book
F1 Hotel Manila 4 stars PHP 4,497.00 Book
Seda Bonifacio Global City 4 stars PHP 7,194.00 Book
Avant Serviced Suites Boutique PHP 4,645.00 Book
The Loft Residences 2 stars PHP 3,715.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Quezon City Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Great Eastern Hotel Quezon City 3 stars PHP 1,176.00 Book
Sir Williams Hotel 2 stars PHP 1,097.00 Book
Gran Prix Quezon City 2 stars PHP 1,124.00 Book
Hotel Rembrandt 3 stars PHP 2,100.00 Book
Brentwood Suites 3 stars PHP 2,039.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Bohol Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Henann Resort Alona Beach 4 stars PHP 4,649.00 Book
Bohol Beach Club 4 stars PHP 7,377.00 Book
Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort 5 stars PHP 4,241.00 Book
Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa 5 stars PHP 9,926.00 Book
Bohol Bee Farm 3 stars PHP 2,325.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Palawan Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Princesa Garden Island Resort and S... 5 stars PHP 6,423.00 Book
Sunlight Guest Hotel 3 stars PHP 1,674.00 Book
Tropical Sun Inn 3 stars PHP 788.00 Book
Casitas De Az Pension 2 stars PHP 538.00 Book
Angelic Mansion 2 stars PHP 786.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Baguio Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Le Monet Hotel 4 stars PHP 3,603.00 Book
The Manor at Camp John Hay 5 stars PHP 4,125.00 Book
Albergo Hotel 3 stars PHP 2,481.00 Book
Ridgewood Residence 3 stars PHP 1,972.00 Book
Chalet Baguio 3 stars PHP 2,295.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Batangas Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Canyon Cove Beach Club 4 stars PHP 2,824.00 Book
Canyon Woods Resort Club 4 stars PHP 3,100.00 Book
Club Balai Isabel 4 stars PHP 4,345.00 Book
Estrellas de Mendoza Playa Resort 4 stars PHP 5,329.00 Book
Cintai Coritos Garden 4 stars PHP 5,665.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Bataan Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar 4 stars PHP 4,585.00 Book
Crown Royale Hotel 3 stars PHP 1,238.00 Book
Hillside Garden Mansions 3 stars PHP 1,064.00 Book
The Oriental Hotel Bataan 4 stars PHP 3,670.00 Book
Gap Plaza Hotel 3 stars PHP 1,662.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Baler Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Costa Pacifica Baler 4 stars PHP 4,506.00 Book
El Teodoro Lodge 2 stars PHP 2,179.00 Book
Akkaw Baler Hometel 2 stars PHP 1,266.00 Book
North Blue Bay Inn 3 stars PHP 2,179.00 Book
Oceana Lodge 3 stars PHP 2,876.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Makati Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Dusit Thani Manila 5 stars PHP 5,375.00 Book
Makati Diamond Residences 5 stars PHP 6,361.00 Book
The A. Venue Hotel 4 stars PHP 2,021.00 Book
Azotea Suites 3 stars PHP 1,009.00 Book
Astoria Greenbelt 3 stars PHP 4,269.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Ortigas Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern 3 stars PHP 2,633.00 Book
Marco Polo Ortigas Manila 5 stars PHP 5,161.00 Book
Astoria Plaza 4 stars PHP 3,566.00 Book
BSA Twin Towers 3 stars PHP 2,118.00 Book
Rio Suites - PHP 3,230.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Cebu Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Cordova Reef Village Resort 3 stars PHP 2,971.00 Book
Cebu Parklane International Hotel 4 stars PHP 2,114.00 Book
Marco Polo Plaza Cebu 5 stars PHP 3,258.00 Book
Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort 4 stars PHP 6,330.00 Book
Rajah Park Hotel 3 stars PHP 1,411.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Boracay Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Astoria Current 4 stars PHP 3,263.00 Book
Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel 4 stars PHP 3,875.00 Book
Las Brisas de Boracay Resort 3 stars PHP 1,808.00 Book
Boracay Peninsula Resort Standard Hotel Apt PHP 1,915.00 Book
Oro Beach Resort 3 stars PHP 1,835.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Tagaytay Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites 3 stars PHP 2,789.00 Book
KC Hillcrest Hotel And Golf Club (f... 4 stars PHP 1,514.00 Book
Chateau Royale Hotel Resort and Spa 3 stars PHP 2,341.00 Book
Rivera Hotel 3 stars PHP 1,978.00 Book
Residence Inn 3 stars PHP 1,961.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Puerto Galera Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Seashore Beach Resort 3 stars PHP 1,162.00 Book
Tropicana Castle Dive Resort 4 stars PHP 1,649.00 Book
Buri Resort and Spa 3 stars PHP 5,911.00 Book
Lalaguna Villas 4 stars PHP 3,600.00 Book
Oriental Sabang Hill 3 stars PHP 1,358.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Davao Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Red Planet Davao - PHP 1,066.00 Book
Hotel Galleria 3 stars PHP 816.00 Book
The Royale House Travel Inn and Sui... Budget PHP 551.00 Book
Marco Polo Davao 5 stars PHP 3,418.00 Book
The Ritz Hotel at Garden Oases 3 stars PHP 2,013.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Pampanga Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
@thePAD Hotel and Resort 3 stars PHP 1,676.00 Book
Lewis Grand Hotel 4 stars PHP 3,258.00 Book
Princess Madison 2 stars PHP 1,075.00 Book
Red Phoenix Hotel 2 stars PHP 992.00 Book
Rumi Apartelle Hotel 3 stars PHP 717.00 Book

Recommended Hotels in Coron Map
Hotel Name Category Rate From Book
Coron Westown Resort 4 stars PHP 2,879.00 Book
The Riverhouse 3 stars PHP 1,876.00 Book
Coron Eco Lodge 2 stars PHP 1,344.00 Book
Jazmine's Place 2 stars PHP 1,231.00 Book
Corto Del Mar 4 stars PHP 4,111.00 Book

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