Map of Cipanas

Cipanas is about 1.5 hour's drove from Jakarta, using the Jagorawi Toll Road. Since Cipanas is near Bandung, the climate have is cool about 18-24°C. Cipanas is well-known for its mountain scenery and is a favorite place for the local people (especially from Jakarta) during the weekend.

The places of interest in Cipanas are :

Cibodas Botanical Garden
Take a walk at Cibodas Botanical Garden and you enjoy the freshness of air fresh in this conservation forest. Cibodas Botanical Garden lies at the foothill connected to the famous Gunung Gede, the mountain hikers' place. Camping ground also available here.

Gunung Mas Tea Plantation
One of the largest tea plantation in West Java, Gunung Mas (Golden Mountain) Tea Plantation offer the beautiful scenery of tea plantation in the highland. Local and foreign tourist usually spend their time to have 'tea-walk', walking around the plantation to breath the fresh air and to enjoy the green leaves of the tea tree. The healthy 'benalu-teh' are available for sold.

Safari Garden National Park and Natural Zoo
As from the name, Safari Garden offer the pleasure of safari in the mountain. See tigers, lions, bears and many other wildlife animals lively from your car with your family and take a meal in the restaurant, or build a camp after your exited safari tours. Make your kid's holiday be an unforgettable moment. Let them play at the kid playground and enjoy free various circus-like shows and attractions.

Cipanas Presidential Palace
Although not for public to visit, is still an attractive place to pass. Build by the founding father of Indonesia, Soekarno, this palace is used to be the 'Camp Davis' for Indonesian President.

National Flower Garden
Here you can find almost all of the famous flower throughout Indonesia. You also can buy some fresh flowers along the street to the garden.

With population of only 50,000. Cipanas is a small town which also allow people doing their business. Banks and Shops open daily during office hour from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. as well Post Office and other government office. Meeting and conference facilities are available in most of the hotels in Cipanas, very from economic non-star to exclusive 3 star. Having corporate meeting in Cipanas could be your company's different experience in building ideas for your company.

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